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Individual Dental Plans | Houston Area

At GMS Dental we happily accept all dental insurance for individuals. No matter what type of insurance a patient has, we will accept it. However not every patient that walks into a GMS Dental office location for the first time has dental insurance, which makes our GMS Dental Plan a very beneficial, cost-saving individual dental plan.

Our GMS Dental Plan is one of the leading individual dental plans because of the convenience of its fee schedule and solid membership guidelines. The GMS Dental plan is not insurance, but it is an option that results in saving money on scheduled and emergency dental procedures and services. It stands as one of the leading inexpensive dental plans available in the Houston and Dallas area.

Annual Membership Fee:

  Monthly Yearly
Member Only $6.49 $79


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We have ten locations (Houston, Dallas, and Honolulu). We have eight locations in the Houston area.