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Many consumers are not sure of the differences between dental plans and dental insurance. In some ways they are similar but they are two completely separate entities. No matter if it's one of the top dental plans, one of the inexpensive dental plans or considered one of the best dental plans, it can never be called insurance.

An individual dental plan is a discount plan that allows a patient to receive dental services and care at a reduced rate. A patient becomes a member of a plan that contains a network of dentists and specialists that will honor a patient's membership and provide the same quality care that an insured patient would receive, but usually at a predetermined discounted rate. There is an inexpensive membership fee that can be paid at once or monthly. In order to receive the promised discounted rates, all services must be paid for on the day that they are rendered.

Low cost dental insurance is different in that it can often require annual deductibles, annual spending limits and limitation and exclusions on certain types of care. Insurance can also have non-coverage for pre-existing conditions and sometimes waiting periods in which a certain amount of time has to be accrued before services can be rendered to an insured patient. Normally there will also be a monthly premium that must be paid to maintain coverage. In many cases it can be more cost efficient to use a discounted dental plan.

Annual Membership Fee:

  Monthly Yearly
Member $6.49 $79
Member + 1 $8.99 $110
Member + Family $12.49 $151

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