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Dental Plan for Families | Group Dental Insurance

Keeping an entire family full of healthy smiles is a big job and we are more than capable of being your family's source for dental care. We love to have entire families of all generations come to us as our happy patients and to ensure that we continue to be known as a family's source for all of their dental needs both scheduled and emergent; we make sure to accept all family dental insurance, group dental insurance, discount dental plans and top dental plans.

At GMS Dental we are well aware of the financial juggling acts that are being performed by families all across the Houston area and we understand that there is a dire need for dental payment plans. We will work with you to make sure that you and your family receive the dental care and procedures necessary to maintain healthy smiles. We also offer one of the most inexpensive dental plans available in the Houston and Dallas area, the GMS Dental Plan. The GMS Dental Plan allows for a significant amount of cost cutting when compared to the full price of dental services and procedures.

Annual Membership Fee:

  Monthly Yearly
Member $6.49 $79
Member + 1 $8.99 $110
Member + Family $12.49 $151

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GMS Dental Locations

We have ten locations (Houston, Dallas, and Honolulu). We have eight locations in the Houston area.