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Complete Dental Service Plans | Inexpensive & Affordable for Houston

Discount Dental Plan patients who are without family dental insurance, or group dental insurance. Dental insurance plans are not as prevalent today as they were just a decade ago and because of this fact there is a constant need for inexpensive dental plans.

Consumer demand has resulted in the popularity of discount dental plans and individual dental plans being used as a way to receive both emergency and scheduled dental care at a discounted rate. The GMS Dental Plan is an option for a person, family or group plan seeking dental care without the sting of full priced services. Let's face it, medical care isn't getting any cheaper and it surely helps our patients when we can offer them one of the top dental plans in the Houston area.

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GMS Dental Locations

We have ten locations (Houston, Dallas, and Honolulu). We have eight locations in the Houston area.