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Dental Plan | FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding dental insurance and discount dental plans.

In a Discount Dental Plan can I choose any dental office I like for services?

No, when using a dental plan you must use the dentists that are in the approved network of dental offices to receive care

With dental insurance can I get work done on a pre-existing condition?

Many insurance policies will not allow a patient to get care for a condition that existed before the insurance was instated.

With a discount dental plan can I receive dental care immediately?

Yes, with the GMS Dental Plan you can receive dental care as soon as your membership begins, there is no waiting.

With my dental insurance can I receive as many teeth cleanings as I like?

With most insurance policies there is set number of hygiene visits that are covered, any extra visits would have to be paid for out of the patient’s pocket.

With a discount dental plan do I have to pay any premiums?

There is your annual membership fee and then the fee schedule included in your fulfillment materials will show the cost of services.

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